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HPPMD and PEPMD pumps are designed and manufactured in full accordance with the API 685 (Sealless Centrifugal Pumps for Petroleum, Heavy Duty Chemical and Gas Industry, 1st edition October 2000) norms. Hydraulics are directly derived from the API 610 series (HPP and PEP) while magnetic couplings, containment devices and inner bearings have been designed to comply with the most stringent requirements of the guiding norms. The magnetic couplings are generously sized for the applied torques and manufactured with Samarium-Cobalt elements. The primary containment shell can be manufactured in Hastelloy C or Titanium alloy for high pressure applications. The containment casing is normally designed to withstand the pump casing MAWP (5MPa in the Carbon Steel version). Secondary shaft sleeve and thrust bearings are of hydrodynamic type, made in hard materials with low friction characteristics and lubricated by the same pumped liquid through flushing lines and systems made in accordance with the governing specifications. HPPMD series is also equipped with a compensation device device to withstand axial and radial thermal expansion, achieving smoother and more reliable operation at higher temperatures and in thermal transient conditions. Depending on pumped liquids and on the level of safety required , secondary containment seals and leakage monitoring devices can be installed. All the pumps are predisposed to host such devices. HPPMD and PEPMD pumps can be supplied in all the material combinations foreseen by API 685. Other material combinations such as erosion/corrosion resistant alloys are also available for specific applications.

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