Stream - Domestic Centrifugal Pumps - SCM2

Applications and installation:

Centrifugal pumps with double impellerare able to offer high flow rates, provide smooth,nonpulsating delivery, and regulate the flow rate over a wide range without damaging the pump.

For the correct functioning of the pump,use clean water, or non-aggressive liquids charged with small solid impurities.

To be used in flow irrigation system in gardening, agriculture and industrial fittings.

Pumps should be installed in a coveredarea, protected against the weather.

Operating limitations:

  • Max ambient temperature up to 40 ?
  • Max fluid temperature up to 80 ?
  • Max pressure up to 10 bar

Construction features

  • Pump Body: cast iron
  • Motor Housing: aluminum
  • Shaft:45# steel/stainless steel
  • Impeller:brass
  • Motor:closed, externally ventilated
  • Insulation Class: B/F
  • Protection Class: IP44/IP54
  • Duty:continuously rated
  • Mechanical Seal: ceramic steatite/metalized carbon

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